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Love Letters from Brooke: 17.2


Love Letters from Brooke: 17.2

Dang! Two full weeks of The 2017 CrossFit Open already in the books! Friday night was a blast and it was awesome to see so many people come out and cheer everybody on! That’s what CrossFit is ALL about.  It’s why I joined, and why I will always and forever CrossFit!

Let’s look at the team placements shall we?!

1st place: Team Squatley Crew (Team Jordan) with 138 points!

2nd place: Team Deenzy’s Angels with 137  points!

3rd place: Team Alex Gonzalez with 117 points!

This week we will have a fun spike ball  tournament at the end so be sure to stay and cheer everyone on!
My 17.3 Predictions:
I was happy to say that I was halfway right on 17.2, with the gymnastic movement! But I had no idea they were going to throw in two gymnastics movements and two dumbbells. Oh that Dave Castro…..
I think 17.3 will have an Olympic movement and I think it will be the Snatch and hopefully, no more dumbbells! And I think 17.3 will be more heavily focused on the strength component, though you may have to do a whole lot of crap before you get to it. Handstand pushups might make an appearance too… Anyway, those are my two cents!

Look forward to having everyone in the gym continuing their training and recovering from these grueling workouts by mobilizing, mobilizing, mobilizing!!! 





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