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Love Letters- The Nooners


Love Letters- The Nooners

Since the beginning of this year I have had the honor of coaching the Noon class. I absolutely love every single person in that class. They show up, even in the scorching heat, they get the work done and without fail we always have a great laugh. I’m so proud of Sara Smith, one of my regular Nooners, because she is soooooo close to doing weights Rx. I love watching her back squat, because her numbers are through the roof!!! But other than lifting, Sara is such a great, strong, and powerful woman that anybody would be lucky to meet. Keep up all of the hard work Sarah, your doing great! And thank you for always making me laughing every time you are in the gym!

And I definitely can’t leave out Abel Guerra, who has been faithfully showing up to the noon class rain or shine, since I can remember. No matter what the movements are (whether he is great at them or not so great) he shows up. He is a huge traveler, so just getting into the gym is straight dedication. We love having you Abel and are so excited to have you back this week! Keep up the great work and never stop pushing yourself!

If you want to see what all the fun is about, show up Monday-Friday at Noon and come and WOD with us!





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