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Marsh Alkire and The Early Benefits of CrossFit


Marsh Alkire and The Early Benefits of CrossFit

Hi Fearless Family!

This week I want to Highlight one of our new athletes, Marsh Alkire.

Marsh has been a member with CrossFit and Fearless since 10/29/2019 so he has been doing CrossFit with us for about 3 months now. To me, Marsh has been the epitome of “newbie gains” as we sometimes call them, but in actuality Marsh has been the epitome of the early benefits that come along with adopting CrossFit as part of your fitness/health routine.

Simply put: Marsh made a decision to change his life and 3 months in, the improvements are very noticeable. The benefits for him have ranged from physical improvements, some important psychological benefits, and widespread pure life benefits.

Let’s hear about the changes from Marsh himself. I interviewed him shortly about his time at CrossFit and Fearless so far and this is what he had to say:

How long have you been doing CrossFit?
3 months!

What made you decide to start?
I‘d hit my all-time high weight on the scale and my energy levels were noticeably low. It had been 5+ years since I worked out and I knew I needed a change.  I am a proponent of getting the most from my time and effort and CrossFit is known for intense workouts. I set out to address my physical concerns and I felt that CrossFit was my best bet for seeing effective results.

What are the biggest changes you’ve seen since starting CrossFit?

Besides improved physique and some muscle definition, I FEEL much better.  My self esteem has improved and I make better decisions around food.  Slowly I am finding myself inspired to do smaller workouts outside of the CrossFit gym. Taking the stairs at work or doing pushups are thoughts I hadn’t entertained before.

What is your favorite part of Crossfit?
Anything that is technique-driven is enjoyable for me as I find it physically and mentally rewarding.  It can be meditative to intensely focus on proper form and I think developing technique early on will pay dividends in strength-building.

What makes you come back every day?  
Seeing results in a short time is inspiring. Plus I’ve seen benefits in many ways I did not expect.  For example, I have social anxiety. And when I first started CrossFit, I also felt anxiety about being in physical discomfort. Routinely working out has increased my resolve and mental toughness and, in turn, improved my attitude in stressful work and social situations.  It’s helping me build self-confidence, overcome fears, and that’s why I keep coming back.

Let’s raise a glass (of water, wine or whatever you have near you) to Marsh Alkire. He is an individual that recognized he needed improvements, made a decision to change his life, AND FOLLOWED THROUGH WITH THE PROCESS.

High five Marsh, Keep up the amazing work!!

Coach Derec

IG: @derec.thompson

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