May Member of the Month: Carie Fielding! – CrossFit and Fearless

May Member of the Month: Carie Fielding!


May Member of the Month: Carie Fielding!

May Athlete of the Month – The Athlete of the Month embodies a positive attitude, commitment to fitness, and fearlessness.  The Athlete of the Month is the athlete both the coaches and the members are excited to have in their class. This month, we chose the über-motivating Carie Fielding!

How long have you been CrossFitting? 
Carie just celebrated her one-year CrossFit-iversary!
Where did you start? 
Carie’s love affair with CrossFit started in Connecticut at CrossFit Thin Blue Line. About a month after she started, she relocated to Austin for a new job opportunity, where she found her CrossFit and Fearless family.
How did you get into it?
When she first heard about CrossFit, Carie had a lot of misperceptions about the sport and never saw herself getting into it. But when one of her friends started it, and loved it, Carie was intrigued. She bought a Groupon and decided to give it a whirl, and now says it’s her “best decision ever.”
What are the biggest changes you’ve seen since becoming a CrossFitter?
Physically, Carie is a lot stronger. She journals every WOD and loves being able to see her growth; where she used to log 35lbs cleans, she now hits 100lbs. Dialing into her diet has also helped tremendously. She’s leaned out a lot, which is super exciting, but most importantly, her energy is up and her recovery time has decreased. She is able to push herself a lot more during a WOD.
Carie told us that the other change is in how she thinks. There was a point where she was afraid to lift heavy because she wasn’t sure if she could do it. So for a long time, she stayed at the same weight. Now, she’s much more inclined to just go for it, because in the worst case, she doesn’t make it and has to take some weight off —  but at least she tried in the first place. It’s a lesson in trusting in yourself and what you are capable of; a lesson that everyone can apply outside of the gym.
What is your favorite lift? 
Carie’s favorite lift is the split jerk. There is just something awesome about that landing position with a ton of weight over her head that makes her feel like wonder woman!
Favorite WOD? 
Carie’s first ever WOD — the soul-crusher that is Fight Gone     Bad — has a special place in her heart.
Favorite part of CrossFit in general? 
In general, Carie feels that it is important for people to find thatsomething they can do that allows them to take a break from all the craziness of life. And CrossFit does that for her – for one hour she gets to focus on just one thing – her performance. There’s nothing about work or what she needs to do later that evening – it all gets left at the door.
What makes you come back every day?
There are a number of things that keep Carie coming back. The first is the people. Carie loves being surrounded by the great people at CF&F. It’s energizing. Secondly, says Carie, there really is “something in the Kool-Aid. Once you start, it becomes an obsession.”

Is there an Athlete that inspires you to do better? Let our coaches know so we can nominate them for Member of the Month!

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