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Ready to Beat the Heat? Urine Luck


Ready to Beat the Heat? Urine Luck

Hi Fearless Fam,

This past week, have had have a small taste of what’s to come in the coming months weather wise: Texas Heat. It’s been high 70s, humid, and sweaty. While it has yet to really get to 80 degrees we are not far away from temperatures rising. In fact, we are forecasted to get above 80 two days next week as far as I currently see. Quickly beyond that it will be above 90 and above 100 degrees once again and we will be sweating consistently – even trying just to walk to the car. If you’re anything like me, just about everything in the Texas summer makes you sweat.

I personally love the heat, and thats part of why I live in Texas. I have lived through a midwest winter in Iowa and pitched a baseball game in 110 degree heat with 90% humidity, and somehow I still choose to live in the heat. There is one constant about the heat that I have always been annoyed with though – it’s so damn hard to stay hydrated! When you sweat even just trying to live a daily life, to not be dehydrated takes a concerted effort.

We’ve talked a bit before about how your bodily functions can give you an idea of how your nutrition is going (, so now let’s talk about how other bodily functions can help tell you all about your hydration. Specifically, your urine and what it has to tell you. Your body is great at giving you feedback about what you put in it.

In that blog about “Number 2” I mentioned the “Urine Color Chart” that many people have heard of. You can see the Urine Color Chart below.

As you can see, the chart provides quite a bit of detail about the color of you urine and what it has to tell you.

The goal with you urine is to be “pale lemonade” like color. If your urine is transparent (or looks just like water) you are probably drinking too much water an you could back off for a while. If you notice your color getting too far off, take the correct steps to fix that.

One note on this chart – this is the goal for your urine throughout the day. Your first visit to the restroom in the morning will typically be a bit darker because you are coming from (hopefully) 8 hours of sleep and you have not had any water in that time. You are naturally a little more dehydrated in the morning due to the longer period of no water intake.

The moral of the story is this: we live in Texas. We will soon be working out in 90+ degree weather and sweating waterfalls. We simply must stay hydrated. You will hear your coaches talk about it as we move into more heat, but remember to take precautions. Drink water early in the day to start off hydrated. If you come in to the gym and you have only had 1 glass of water, it’s going to be a rough day.

Please stay hydrated.




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