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Remember to Have Fun


Remember to Have Fun

Hi Fearless Family,

How often do you find yourself siting around after a workout a bit upset because you think you could have done better? How many times do you look at the whiteboard and see someone else’s score and get discouraged? How often are you just frustrated because you don’t think you did your best? Ask yourself one question – are you putting too much pressure on yourself?

One of the most overlooked things in any gym is the aspect of Fun. While coming into the gym 2 to 5 times a week is a workout and can be tough, it is also our chance to take our mind off of other parts of life and have fun. In a way, going to the gym is like recess for adults. Elementary school kids get 30 minutes to an hour to just play, and a lot of the times they end up running around pseudo-exercising. Why shouldn’t we have some time to have fun?

Ultimately, we all make the conscious decision to come to the gym for a multitude of reasons. Some of us want to feel stronger, others want to lose weight, and some people just want to have some feel of daily sports the way they have their entire life. Regardless of what brings us to the gym, the fact is that we are all here. So why not make that hour the most enjoyable one we have all day?

Here are a few examples that help me remember to focus on fun:

  1. Appreciate what your body can do – Can you do more pull ups now than ever before? Can you run pain-free for the first time in years? Can you get around your daily life easier?
  2. Celebrate Every Win – Did you just row faster? Is this your first week coming all 3 times in a few weeks? Did you meet your nutrition goals for the day?
  3. Look for Improvements -Seek out the improvements in yourself. Did your squats feel better? Is that nagging tightness going away?
  4. Thank Yourself for Putting the Effort into Health – You made the decision to get to the gym today, that’s no small thing.

Having fun is vital to enjoying your workouts. It is much easier to make it through a tough workout when you appreciate the workout for the benefit it will have rather than focusing on how tough it is. Celebrate every win, look for improvements, appreciate what your body can do, and remember to have fun!

Coach Derec

Instagram: @derec.thompson

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