The CrossFit Open 2020 is Over. You All Did Such an Amazing Job! – CrossFit and Fearless

The CrossFit Open 2020 is Over. You All Did Such an Amazing Job!


The CrossFit Open 2020 is Over. You All Did Such an Amazing Job!

Hi Fearless Family,

Another Open Season has come and gone! What a crazy 5 weeks it’s been. From superheroes flying on the toes-to-bar, to the denim burpees, and a patriotic chaotic ending with 20.5, you all have been off the charts with the energy and effort.

I am SO proud of what you all have put into the Open and what everyone has gotten out of it. The amount of people that are pumped with their scores shows that the effort we have been putting in for the last 6 months is working. I believe in a couple things very heavily; one being “if you put good in, you get good out.” Every single one of you has been putting in good work. The results that you have all gotten prove it.

I love the cheering, I love the high fives, and I LOVE the smiles I see. Our community is tremendous, and I thank each and every one of you for what you put into it. We would not be what we are without all of you.

Special Shoutout to our own Carrie Weschler for getting 4887th place WORLDWIDE for Women in 20.4! That is one of the best rankings our gym has ever had, and that is no small feat. Congrats Carrie!

Here are some messages from your coaches!

“I couldn’t be more proud of everyone on so many different levels. First off, the community we have at Fearless is always an anomaly to me. Watching everyone support each other over the course of 5 weeks, pushing each other when we needed to, desperate high fives even though peoples legs were barely functioning, the roar that picks up as the last few seconds go by, that stuff is always the most fun for me to watch.  From the coaching side, totally different that ’19.  It was pretty obvious from the start that there was a shift in attitude from the previous open, everyone came in with the intention of “how can I make the most of this”. I’ve rewrote this sentence like 14 times because I can’t really articulate things like an adult, I’m proud most of watching people struggle and fight through every workout. To explain, watching everyone trading game plans, asking questions, ACTUALLY WARMING UP, being frustrated and wanting more from themselves, fighting for every single extra rep even when they’ve failed it a dozen times before, finishing and going “now I know what I need to fix” but with excitement, like all that stuff is what makes it fun for me to coach during the open, and this is EASILY the most fun I’ve had with it. So thank you guys and gals, you all continue to surpass my expectations, couldn’t be more proud to be y’alls coach. Coach Jon

This year’s open will forever have a special place in my heart being
that this was my first year as a coach. Not that I can take any credit
and getting you all prepped for the season, BUT! I can say I was blown
away by everyone’s commitment and performance during Friday Night
Lights (or Monday afternoon redos) this year. Each and everyone of you
have been working hard and it showed! From crazy cardiovascular
performance, toes to bar, handstand push-ups, VERY heavy power cleans,
even heavier dead lifts… all of you did something you hadn’t before,
which is the most exciting part of the open season. As a side note,
THANK YOU seriously for welcoming me with loving and supportive arms
as the newest coach on staff here at Fearless. You guys ROCK. Coach Lauren

Y’all did great this Open! One big thing I noticed was the engine everyone has. I noticed a distinct lack of the “death face” throughout this Open. I am very happy to have each and everyone of you in our community. Keep up the great work, we couldn’t be more proud of youCoach Carlos

Don’t underestimate what you all accomplished with this open. You are ALL rock stars. Thanks for making this the most fun Open I have ever been a part of!

Coach Derec

Instagram: @derec.thompson

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