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The Glycemic Index: Foods Effect on Blood Sugar


The Glycemic Index: Foods Effect on Blood Sugar

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This week we are discussing the Glyemic Index of foods and their effects on blood sugar.

The Glycemic Index is a ranking of the effect of certain carbohydrates on your blood sugar. Foods that are higher on the Glycemic Index are rapidly digested and coverted to Glucose in your blood while food that are lower on the Glycemic Index take much longer to digest, thus their effect on the Blood Glucose (Blood Sugar) levels is spread out over time. Foods over 55 on the GI Index are typically considered “High GI” foods. See the chart below to see what the GI number for each type of Carbohydrate is!


Why are High Glycemic food considered “bad”? High Glycemic foods cause quick spikes in blood sugar which leads to being hungry sooner, typically. There are many studies linking large amounts of High GI foods to Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease, Obesity, and many other issues.

There are times and places that High GI foods can have a benefit, but generally eating a low GI diet tends to lead to better overall health in terms of blood sugar management, cholesterol levels, and weight management.


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