Thursday 8/1/19 – CrossFit and Fearless

Thursday 8/1/19


Thursday 8/1/19

CrossFit and Fearless – CrossFIT


Metcon (No Measure)

15min. of Handstand Work:

3 x 5 Handstand Negatives

3 x Max HEADstand Hold

3 x Max Effort Push Ups
Handstand Negatives: Kick into a handstand and lower yourself to the floor, slow and controlled with good body position throughout. If you’re very strong w/ HSPU grab some plates and try from a deficit.

Headstand Hold: Move an ab mat away from the wall or to the open floor and attempta max effor headstand hold. Focus on the weight distrobution through your head and hands, and get comfortable being inverted.

Push Ups: Pretty self explanitory. Scale to knees or a box if needed. No flared elbows or any of that sillyness today, we’re trying to improve our pressing, not do more push ups than the person next to us.


Metcon (Weight)

EMOM 15:

Min. 1) 20 Russian KB Swings

Min. 2) 1 Complex

Min. 3) Rest


3 Deadlift

3 Hang Power Clean

3 Push Jerk
Slingin’ weights with some fatigue today. Swings should be challenging, unbroken for most of it. Weight on the complex can be the same across, or you can climb each round its up to y’all.

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