Tuesday 8/20/19 – CrossFit and Fearless

Tuesday 8/20/19


Tuesday 8/20/19

CrossFit and Fearless – CrossFIT


Handstand EMOM (No Measure)

EMOM 15 (The last minute is rest so I didn’t count it):

Min. 1) 3-5 HSPU / Negatives

Min. 2) 15 Box Shoulder Taps / Wall Facing Shoulder Taps

Min. 3) 5 Lunge to Handstand

Min. 4) Rest


Metcon (Time)

4 Rounds for Time:

20 American KB Swing

10 Pull Ups

Gym Lap

1:00 Rest Between Rounds
Less rest per round this week. Trying to get some aggressive but repeatable efforts in. Unbroken on the KB, ideally on the pull up as well, if you need to bring that number down feel free I’d say no less than 6. For those without pull ups, today would be a good day to sub for jumping pull ups. Score is Time minus the minutes of rest (-3:00)

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