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Using a positive mindset to develop mental toughness


Using a positive mindset to develop mental toughness

I’ve been reading Ben Bergeron’s “Chasing Excellence” and he talks about the power of being positive. Explaining that having a positive mindset does not guarantee success but it will make things seem easier.

The simple act of having a positive outlook gives his athletes a psychological advantage over the competition.

Throughout his book he covers themes that are quite familiar to me and have been a hallmark of the Marine Corps since it’s inception. The idea of having a positive mindset is of great value to anyone looking to better themselves in and out of the gym.

A positive attitude is contagious; being around positive people makes you positive and can motivate you. It is essential in any combat arena that a leader display outward positivity and motivation, or risk the morale of his subordinates. We call this “false motivation,” the term is misleading, but the idea is that even if the situation is dyer, my display of positive motivation can influence others to be positive and overlook danger.

The power of a positive mindset transcends the military.

CrossFit workouts can be tough, you may be sore, the workout isn’t in your favor, or it may even be grueling (Murph, Hot Shots). Simply by having a positive attitude you can change your perception of the workout and your overall performance. As the open approaches, do not dwell on each individual workout. Instead be excited, tell yourself how much fun the workout will be, if it starts to feel horrible, tell yourself how much better you’ll be!

It is through these small trials that we can develop mental toughness. We can then use our experiences as motivation to overcome future hardships. Undoubtedly many of you have displayed mental toughness, you just may have not been aware of it. If you’ve ever prepared for a college level test by studying all night, or finished a work project after being given only 1 day to complete it, and still got yourself out of bed to crush it! That’s mental toughness, and you can use that same attitude to help you in the pursuit of your fitness.

So I challenge you to be positive, to disregard doubt, to face adversity head on. Failure is a part of life, you can’t always win, but on the flip side, you must have nothing other than success in your thoughts. It seems crazy, but the physical adversity you face at the Box will make you stronger in life.

Fearless; is a word synonymous with courage or bravery. Many believe it is acting without fear of the consequence. Yet, fear is a natural emotion, instead fearlessness is acting in spite of that fear, it is overcoming that fear.

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