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Wendy D


Wendy D

Wendy DThough she’s only been CrossFitting for only six months, Wendy D. has already seen
big changes in both her body and her life.
“The biggest difference, besides how good I feel, is that I have noticed visible changes
in my shoulders, arms, and butt,” Wendy says. “I have never seen any muscles
anywhere on my body, so that’s been huge for me.”
“I am still waiting for the thighs, though,” Wendy laughs. “I think they’re right around the
Wendy has also seen the benefits CrossFit has had on her relationship with her new
husband, and fellow Fit & Fearless member, Jason. “Jason and I feel like we have a
hobby/sport together. It has made us an even stronger team and gives us even more to
talk about and do together,” Wendy says. “We have met such great people and have
taken on a whole new way of life, not to mention a new way of eating. I have never
cooked so much great healthy food, and having someone to be paleo with makes it tons
easier. I’ve missed out on cauliflower my whole life.”
Actually it was Jason – then just her fiancé – who got Wendy into CrossFit. She had
never considered herself an athletic person, this despite having completed two halfmarathons,
five triathlons, and an MS150 ride (which, she admits, took her “about a
week” to finish). “Other than that,” she says, “I had just been a regular at the gym,
making zero progress over the years … and not having a clue how to eat.”
Then, about six months before their wedding, Jason started going to CrossFit classes.
Wendy was inspired. “After hearing him talk so positively about it for a couple weeks, I
decided it might be worth a try for me, too,” she says. “I went to a free class and knew
that it was exactly what I needed – a huge slap in the face and the encouragement of
people who know what they’re doing, and who care about your success.”
Wendy doesn’t remember much about that first WOD (“I remember Elements and
warm-ups just about killing me,” she admits), but she remembers fondly last Dec. 31,
when the New Year’s Eve WOD showed her just how far she’d come in just a few short

“By the time the New Years WOD came, I couldn’t lift a 45-pound bar over my head, but
somehow, hearing people yelling my name and saying ‘You got this!’ and ‘Put your
head through the window!’ and ‘Push!’ and ‘Come on, you’re almost there!’ got me to finish the lift!

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