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What Are Your 2020 Goals? (and How to set Them)


What Are Your 2020 Goals? (and How to set Them)

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Happy Holidays! I hope whichever holiday you celebrate during this time was enjoyable and relaxing for you!

With 2020 literally days away, this is the time of year that New Years Resolutions are set, goals are defined, and progress is on many people’s minds. To me, this is the most exciting time of the entire year. You have an idea of how your 2019 went overall and you have a starting idea of where you want to be at this point next year. Before you go into goal setting for 2020, you should evaluate your 2019. A few questions to ask yourself about 2019:

  1. What were your 2019 goals?
  2. What level of effort did you put into reaching those goals?
  3. Did your actions/desires for the year match your goals?
  4. Is there anything in YOUR efforts from 2019 that you would like to change?

Personally, number 3 is the BIGGEST question I have to reflect on. I went into 2019 with somewhat complimentary but also somewhat conflicting goals. In the gym I wanted to hit certain Personal Records (PRs) with the weight of a couple lifts, I had a couple gymnastic goals, and I had the goal to lose weight and get purely lean – regardless of performance – and look the best I could for my wedding.

At first glance these goals look pretty straightforward, but upon further evaluation I can see a bit of conflict in these goals. Looking to get leaner regardless of performance AND try to get stronger and set PRs in certain lifts can be a bit counter-intuitive. I was sacrificing my performance a bit to reach a visual/weight goal while still trying to maximize my performance. Those two goals are actually working against each other in a way. I was not set up for success for reaching ALL my 2019 goals.

Is there anything in your life that was working against reaching your 2019 goals?

After evaluating your 2019 goals, it’s time to think about 2020 goals. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What would you like to accomplish?
  2. What do you realistically think you can accomplish without HUGE lifestyle changes?
  3. What level of effort can you commit to the goals?
  4. Do the goal work together or against each other?

The biggest thing you want to do with your goals is set yourself up for success in the coming year. You want goals that are truly achievable. Having goals that you can truly reach will help you keep a sense of integrity with yourself. Who would want to have a goal they know they won’t reach and end up thinking “I can never do this” at the end?

One type of goal setting that I have used for a long time is SMART goals – Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Relative, and Time-Driven.

  • Specific – The goal you set has something truly outlined and defined, not just an idea (I want to lose weight vs I want to lose 10 lbs)
  • Measurable – It can be clearly measured
  • Actionable – You can set specific steps to help you reach the goal
  • Relative – The goal is relevant to your lifestyle and attainable (Goals compliment each other)
  • Time-Driven – You have a date in mind of when you would like to try to have this goal acheived.

Once you have your goals set you can dig into the fun part of goals:figuring out how you will reach them and doing the work to reach those goals. One of the more rewarding things is setting a goal and then absolutely smashing it.

If you need ANY help setting goals, let me know! I am always here to help.

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Coach Derec

IG: @derec.thompson

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