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Why Crossfit?


Why Crossfit?

Thinking about checking out CrossFit and Fearless, but may be you’re a little reluctant because you’ve heard some negative opinions about CrossFit? Well let me give you the low down about our community and style of fitness. The reason CrossFit as a fitness program has blown up is because there is a strong emphasis on building a supportive and fun community. All gyms or “boxes” as they are referred to have a unique feel and are usually a great characterization of their local neighborhood.

Here at CrossFit and Fearless we have a great mix of native Austinites, students, and professionals who have moved here for work. I personally arrived in Austin about a year and half ago to attend grad school at UT and was immediately welcomed into the community. Everyone here understands that an individual’s journey to a healthier lifestyle is at times difficult but with community support you’re not on your own. Still not sure, come check us out during one of our monthly free community WOD’s where we break a sweat and cap off with a social, usually somewhere in the South Austin area.

Now that you know a bit about our community I’ll give you a few reasons why I believe CrossFit is a smart and effective way to workout.

  • The ACSM suggests a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise a week, which can be achieved through 30 – 60 minutes of moderate intensity over 5 days or 20 – 60 minutes of high intensity exercise over 3 days. 1
  • Resistance Exercise should be preformed on major muscle groups 2 – 3 days a week.  1
  • The ACSM also asserts that our form of exercise [CrossFit like conditioning programs] improves cardiovascular health, insulin sensitivity, lowers blood pressure, and improves HDL. 2

The beauty of CrossFit is we generally hit all these points through a combination of workouts, some that are simply strength based, some that are aerobic based, and some that are a unique mixture of both.  A great example is our “FIT” benchmark workout. Which consists of 15 calories of rowing, 12 toes to bar, and 9 thrusters, completed a total of 3 times. This workout tends to take under 15 minutes and utilizes body weight movements, weightlifting, and endurance training. This workout may also only be part of the day’s work that always begin with a dynamic warm up intended to prime your body for the specified movements.

Taking the first step to bettering your health is difficult but we are here to help, and if you do join you’ll begin your journey to a healthier more confident you. We truly hope you stop in, check us out, and become part of our Community.

Coach Ray

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