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Why Do YOU CrossFit?


Why Do YOU CrossFit?

Blog 2: Why do you CrossFit?

At the beginning of this year I asked several classes to think about why they CrossFit. What keeps someone coming into a CrossFit gym? What’s the drive, what’s the motivation?

For some it’s simply to stay in shape, some to compete, and for others it’s to escape the mundane activities of their 9am-5pm-desk job.

Whatever your reason is, make sure you know it and remind yourself of it on a weekly basis. We can’t achieve much without knowing what we are trying to achieve and why we are trying to achieve it. Knowing the “what”, but more importantly, the “why,” will make the difference between someone showing up consistently every week, hitting PR’s, to someone coming in every once in a while with little to no improvement. Knowing “why” you are doing something creates passion, drive, and motivation. It gives you a purpose for doing what you are doing and creates an excitement that is undeniably contagious. It not only affects you, but everyone around you.

Doing something to the best of your ability makes others want to try and work hard as well. It’s time to be an atmosphere-changer, to pursue your goals wholeheartedly and to encourage others along the way. Denzel Washington once said, “Dreams without goals remain dreams that eventually birth disappointment.”

Don’t let this year pass you by without knowing why you’re doing what you’re doing, and set goals in place to keep you on track. Pursue life with everything you have.

Be Encouraged.

Brooke Iglesias

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