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Why The Open? Coach Ray


Why The Open? Coach Ray

Why the Open? Well the common answer you’ll hear is “It will be a great test to see where your fitness is.” That is 100% true and I believe that if you’ve pushed yourself in the gym and made a commitment to be better, then you should absolutely sign up.  However, I would like to convince you for another reason.

The very real truth is that few of us will actually do well in the open. So the question is asked again, why? I’ve spent my entire life being active from sports through high school followed by 11 years as a Marine. Upon leaving the Marines I had to find a new reason to stay fit and healthy. So I would like to share my personal opinion of fitness and I’ll start by asking; why do you brush your teeth? Exactly, to take care of them so they don’t fall out. Exercise should be no different; it should be a daily activity that you do, so that your body doesn’t fall apart.


The Open represents a commitment to yourself and your health. Beyond that very selfish reason it represents a commitment to your community. The reason CrossFit has exploded is because of its intrinsic nature to present groups of people with physical and mental trials. It is through tough and hard workouts that we catalyze friendships and build a strong community. Some of the best friends Carmen and I have made are 50-60 year old ladies that CrossFit as hard as a 20 year old and usually have greater commitment to the community.


OK keeping it short. Simply put is it’s FUN, it sucks, you’ll hurt, but you’ll feel so accomplished. We’ll cheer for each other, pat each other on the back, and get to know our community. Life is hard; think of all the things that have been bumps in your road. The Open has nothing on them; they are 5 workouts that some “Squid” comes up with to test our mental fortitude.


Come out and join us.


-Coach Ray

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